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what are people saying?

Omg I love themmmmm And the silver pair just told me to look expensive.

Alana M.

Aah! They're so beautiful! So glad I got them.

Natalie A.

They're so cute.

Julleah B.

Just checked on your site and ordered the Motherland earrings ! I love them ☺️ would love that sparkly choker but I ain't got nowhere to wear it hahahah but can't wait to get them.

Triana S.

😭😭😭 girl your lashes are iiiiiiit! Okay?! I love them.

India C.

I was on the beach enjoying some lovely pizza wearing your sexy ass stunning earrings and a older woman came UP TO ME and was like "where did you get your earrings?! They are so beautiful want my own" And I gave her your website and I hope she buys some ily I have never been complimented on earrings so that was an amazing experience for me hehe

Morgan C.

They are so comfortable! I need to order more😫

India C.


Morgan C.