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Copy of Her Story

                     Dezaireable Accessories – created by Bronx-native, Zaire Michel. Zaire Michel is a multifaceted woman who continues to strive for growth, longevity, wealth and betterment of self. Dezaireable Accessories encourages and wants to spread the message of honing in on loving and appreciating self, as well as individuality. Each piece is hand picked and or designed to be aesthetically pleasing and one of a kind. Our goal is to ignite and remind you of your greatness! 

               Zaire has always been inspired by her surroundings, she has a selective observance about her. Zaire would make clothes for her dolls and style their hair. She loved arts and craft and has been introduced to the arts ever since she was a toddler. Zaire received gifts such as coloring books, paint sets, make-up, jewelry to keep the creativity alive!  When Zaire wasn't at school, she was at dance, tennis or playing golf.

Her mother, Annette kept her involved in anything she could! She even taught Zaire how to sew and crochet as a hobby. Zaire' dad, Carlos would give her paint sets as a child. Throughout the years she continued to have her creative outlets in her everyday life. As Zaire entired high school, her junior year she had the honor of taking sewing classes at FIT. They had the option of making jewelry but out of the two she wanted to get better at sewing. They taught how to sew on an industrial machine, which helped Zaire expand her knowledge and skill in sewing. In 2014 Zaire was walking in Midtown Manhattan as she always does and came across a store that sold jewelry as well as, findings, beads, crystals, bands, headbands, tools, charms, etc. She felt like a kid in a candy store – amazed. She ended up leaving the store with a few trinkets and pieces and made a pair of earrings. She was pleased at the creation, they came out beautiful! She made a hobby out of it and eventually thought I can make this into a business! She already had her business license all she needed was a name which was inspired by her prior instagram name; Dezaireable.                    

                       2016 Dezaireable Accessories was born ...