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Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Accessorize Last ! Accessories are the icing on the cake; it's what completes your look. Start & End the Day LOOKING FAB !
When taking off your jewelry, keep your jewelry in a safe place. Invest in a jewelry box or hanger. 
Each piece has to be taken care of in different ways.The have their own individual metal elements. BE GENTLE WITH ALL!
Over time, your jewelry comes in contact with moisture, acids, oils & air. Depending on the type of metal to metal filling it will react accordingly. It will eventually wear downtarnish. ... That's from the metal reacting to moisture and sulfur in the air!
Tender Loving Care is FOR ALL!    


Read the Description for each piece, so you're able to care and not damage your pieces. 

Know Yourself, Know Your Skin

Metals react different to everybody's skin differently! If you know you're allergic to a certain metal DO NOT PURCHASE! Wait until there's a piece that you can wear without worrying about break outs, discoloration, etc.

Keep in Mind 

Sterling Silver ::: An alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals.